Cylinder block line of production

The cylinder line is composed of German high speed processing center, cleaning machine and other equipment to form a flexible production line.

Cylinder head line of production

The cylinder head line consists of German high-speed processing center, cleaning machine, tightening machine, leakage testing machine and press machine, forming flexible production line.

Connecting rod line

The connecting rod line is made into a flexible production line by German automatic line, grinding machine, weighing deweighting equipment, cleaning machine and comprehensive measuring unit.

Crankcase Line

The crankshaft line is a flexible production line composed of German processing center, car pull, high speed external milling, deep hole drilling machine, quenching machine, comprehensive measuring machine and other equipment.

The CAM axis

The flexible production line consists of all kinds of grinding machines, cleaning machines, press machines, magnetic powder inspection machines, polishing machines, comprehensive measuring machines and other equipment in Germany.